Pranic Healing Session

Allow Pranic Healing to help you through your life’s present difficulties, be it your  physical ailments, emotional/relationship issues, your business or home. Schedule a session to start experiencing  powerful healings.

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What is Pranic Healing?

Learn Pranic Healing

Once you experience the benefits of many facets of Pranic Healing, many of you, will be eager to learn Pranic Healing to help yourself & your loved one’s. Some of you, will go further and take the reins of your spiritual development in your hand and move towards Arhatic Yoga. My goal is to be a peer welcoming you, guiding you to the footsteps of this healing & spiritual path. Allow me to introduce you  & others to the mesmerizing world of energy, feel it, touch it, experience a demonstration & understand the science behind it.  Once you have experienced it yourself, that gift stays with you and helps guide you further in world of subtle enery. I can introduce you to the different Pranic Healing instructors and based on your inclination, you can choose when to start your journey.


Meditation on Twin Hearts

Meditation on Twin Hearts is an advanced form of meditation that activates the heart & divine heart to tune into your soul coconsciousness. It is a spiritual shower that affects positively the mind, body & soul. Most people express inner peace, happiness and physical/emotional healing after the meditation.


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