The ability to transmute your thoughts & emotions from negative to positive with a series of steps that’s repeatable, follows Science and has been practiced by thousands of thousands of people, is priceless. To what purpose, one may ask? Perhaps, to enable the ability to live a soul filled life and seek your purpose instead of being pinned down by the realities of life. Lessons can be learned along the journey but if we are stuck under a big boulder, forget the lesson, life as we know it, is unable to move from that point. Imagine having tools to chisel away the boulder, learn the lesson from it and carry on your path. Wouldn’t that be something!

Anything that is invisible, no matter how much you talk about it, until you experience it, is pretty much a mystery. There are many forms of energies that exist in nature that humans have been able to harvest (e.g. Solar, wind, water) to convert them to useful applications. Similarly, human body is also a complex system consisting of physical body as well as invisible to most, energy body. Just like human bodies have blood vessels to carry blood, energy body has energetic channels to carry energy. The energy body is also complex with laws of nature applying to it just the same. Energy can neither be created or destroyed. It can only be transmuted to change forms. Pranic Healing teaches systematically how to understand energy along with science of experiencing it, so you know what to do, how much to do and when to do it. Pranic healing (no touch) works on energy body and its effects can be seen on physical body, in emotions & in thoughts. Once you have experienced it, you may even want to learn how to use it for yourself & your family. Tools that will help you, as you experience life.